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Speaker Cabinet in Ekuvukeni, KwaZulu-Natal for sale

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Speaker Cabinet - 15 DJ Speaker System
Quick Overview
This cabinet uses the same great woofer as the DJ-15MB/T , DJ-215T/BB, and DJ-215MB speaker systems.
The woofer is durable and can take a pounding, good quality materials ensure good sound reproduction and stable performance across the frequency range.
Primarily a bass-driver this woofer will produce good bass and clean vocals.
The box has been designed to produce deep strong bass, and is significantly bigger than the DJ-15MB cabinet. Having 3 tweeters makes its perfomance as a top in any application very good. This box is awsome as a stand alone system and will produce a full range of Bass, Mid and Treble in any outdoor or indoor apllication. Added tophat makes mounting on speaker stands possible - great for getting better coverage out of your system
Quality has not been compromised with this system, it was designed to be a value adding system that will greatly enhance any existing setup you may have. It looks and sounds great.
The cabinet comes with carry handles, protective plastic corners and rubber feet, 6.3mm jack and binding post inputs and a top hat for easy speaker stand mounting. If you are looking for a high quality speaker system at a low price, then this is for you!
? 15? Woofer
? 3 x peizo tweeters
? 16mm C

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